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Pool School Results


Below are typical comments from students who have completed the billiard training course at Cue U, and from new instructors who received their BCA recognition from the Cue U instructor program:


"Lots of unique material." - R.G., Texas
"Raised my confidence." - M.T., Georgia
"Invaluable information." - G.KP., Israel
"All I wanted and more." - L.R., California
"One instructor per student---fantastic!." - B.C., Tennessee
"This will make me a better Player." - R.B., Puerto Rico
"Looking forward to future classes." - K.Z., Wisconsin
"Great teachers!" - L.Z., China
"I wish I had done this years ago." - L.J., Bermuda
"You are making my dream come true." - R.C., Mexico City
"Interesting viewing the old tables and getting a feel for billiard history." - K.B., Wisconsin
"Exceeded my expectations." - J.S., Missouri
"Exceptional learning experience." - W.Z., Connecticut
"The instructors set a very high standard and hold themselves to it." - R.P., Indiana
"Far more than I expected!" - H.C., Massachusetts
"Much more than I expected!" - D.M., Switzerland
"Great class. Learned a lot." - E.S., California
"Fantastic!"- E.M., Virginia
"Great experience!"- G.S., Mississippi


"Best academic billiards experience I have ever witnessed!"-K.H., Virginia
"High tech all the way."- R.P., Massachusetts
"Can't wait to come back."- J.G., Iowa
"What an experience!"- P.C., Oregon
"Far exceeded my expectations." - W.D. Illinois
"The program is great, very exciting!" - S.C., Michigan
"Excellent school. You get more than you pay for!" - B.D., Missouri
"I loved it! Awesome school." - J.D., Missouri
"Really pleased with the results." - B.K., Ohio
"Very well done! I'd recommend it to anyone." - T.T., Illinois

Major Credit Cards Accepted

*Most Major Credit Cards Accepted