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Faculty and Staff

Certified Billiard Instructors

Bob Radford

Founder and senior staff instructor of Cue U, The College of Pool and Billiards, Bob Radford, and his staff of certified billiard instructors devote their full attention to helping each student reach his or her full potential in the shortest possible time. His ability to coach players through major tournaments is widely acknowledged and touring players regularly engage him to help them through major competitions.

In addition to the Cue U courses, Bob has taught pool and billiards classes at the University of Wisconsin and is a nationally ranked pool referee. He was the head referee at the BCA Iowa State Tournament, the BCA Illinois State Tournament, and officiated at the finals of the BCA National 8-Ball Tournament in Las Vegas. He was a founding member of the BCA Instructor Committee and served as Chairman of the committee for many years. He is the 2007 recipient of the Billiard Congress of America President's Award given for contributions to the billiard industry.

Ken Stortz, Instructor

Ken Stortz

BCA Certified Instructor Ken Stortz is a long-time member of the instructing staff at Cue U, The College of Pool and Billiards. He conducts training workshops with valuable tips on improving play and offers guidance and training to other members of the Cue U staff.

Ken plays on several league teams and has competed in Las Vegas national tournaments regularly in recent years. Students find his playing tips and demonstrations invaluable in seeking ways to elevate their level of play.

Matt Daniels, Instructor

Matt Daniels

Matt Daniels, a BCA Instructor, is a regular member of the faculty at Cue U, the College of Pool and Billiards. He conducts training workshops and helps students achieve their goals for improved play. He has developed video clips and printed material for presentation in the Cue U classroom.

Matt lives in Madison, Wisconsin and competes regularly in leagues and tournaments throughout the area. He has frequently achieved excellent placement in the Wisconsin state tournament. Students find his knowledge of current rules and techniques to be helpful and interesting.

Linda Radford, Instructor

Linda Radford

BCA Master Instructor Linda Radford is one of the founders of Cue U, The College of Pool and Billiards. She has conducted extensive research on the elements of the learning process. Students find her classroom workshops to be both informative and entertaining.

Linda has competed on several league teams, operated leagues of her own and assisted with the execution of regional and statewide tournaments in recent years. Her insights on what it takes to play winning pool are invaluable for students who are trying to improve their own performance.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

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