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Pool Instructor Certification

Advanced Billiard Instruction for Pool Instructors

Whether your goal is to become a casual pool instructor who helps customers who buy pool tables from a retail billiard store, or whether you want to become a full-time pool instructor and start on an exciting new career helping others enjoy the pleasure of competitive pool and billiards, the Cue U pool school has a program for you.

At Cue U, the College of Pool and Billiards, our pool instructor courses are full of valuable teaching techniques and enhancements for your communications skills. Tuition for pool instructor certification can be as low as $250.00, and billiard instructor classes are scheduled at regular intervals throughout the year.

The Cue U pool school's Certified Instructor Training course gives you hands-on experience in helping others to learn new pool playing techniques, and you will graduate with a full understanding of how to establish your own pool instructional program. At the Cue U pool school, the instructor certification courses comply fully with the guidelines and requirements of all major sanctioning organizations.

Cue U pool instructor graduates have demonstrated that, in addition to a complete understanding of pool and billiards, they also have an ability to teach pool that is well above the norm. All pool instructor graduates from the Cue U pool school are among the most sought-after billiard instructors nationwide.

If you are already a pool instructor certified by the Pool and Billiard Instructors Association or the Billiard Congress of America, the Cue U pool school offers specific training courses to prepare you for upgrade to the next higher level, even to BCA Master Instructor.

Summary of Pool Instructor Classes

Certified Pool Instructor Training

Open to graduates of any Cue U training class. Comprehensive preparation for teaching pool and billiards techniques. Personalized instruction to enhance communications skills. Clinics on methods of teaching, overcoming barriers to learning, marketing your services and lesson preparation. Allows certification as BCA Recognized Instructor. Tuition $250.00

BCA Instructor Upgrade Certification

Evaluation and advanced training for existing BCA instructors who wish to advance to the next higher rating. Specialized courses for each level of advancement to provide the finest in preparation for the new responsibilities as an upgraded BCA pool instructor. Tuition $250.00

Major Credit Cards Accepted

*Most Major Credit Cards Accepted