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The Cue U Advantage

What's Different about this Pool School?

Individual Attention. Each student receives personalized instruction tailored to his or her own needs. A personal instructor monitors each shot and provides guidance throughout the duration of the class. At Cue U, the subjects covered, the pool instruction methods, and the resulting improvement in your pool playing ability, are the finest available. Test

Regardless of whether you are just learning to play pool for the first time, or you are a regular player who struggles with a lack of consistent results, take the time to enroll in Cue U, the College of Pool and Billiards, and see the difference for yourself.

The high level of personal attention to your needs provided by the specially trained Cue U pool instructors provides maximum help for you to bring your game to the next level. Regardless of your current ability to play pool, the individual attention you will receive at the Cue U billiard school will provide surprising improvement in your performance - immediately in most cases!

Pool instruction at the Cue U pool school has helped thousands of people just like you to improve the quality of their play. Testimonials from former pool students at Cue U may be reviewed on the "results" page and those comments are updated regularly. Cue U is highly regarded in the industry. It is the official pool school of the American Cuemakers Association.

At the Cue U billiard academy a college environment is maintained, with custom textbooks provided for each student. The pool instruction includes classroom presentations and hands-on practice and shot experiments on the selection of antique pool tables provided. Each student has a certified pool instructor at all times to answer questions and provide personal pool instruction.

Practice sessions, drills and follow-up pool clinics are custom tailored to the needs of each student depending on the level of ability. A personal "path to improvement" is developed for each Cue U student so the improvement can continue for months, and years, after the Cue U class is complete. The atmosphere of the classroom, with its 100-year-old antique pool tables, historic, collectible pool cues and other billiard memorabilia, provides a unique opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the history of the game and, as a result, to enhance their learning experience.

At the Cue U pool school, each student can take advantage of our state-of-the-art high definition digital video monitors and our cutting-edge pool instruction techniques to find weaknesses in their game and receive the fastest possible remedies. The improved pool play that results is immediate and dramatic.

At the Cue U pool school, the trained and certified instructors provide one-on-one assistance for each student. All of the pool and billiard instructors at Cue U, the College of Pool and Billiards, possess excellent teaching skills in addition to a high level of understanding of pool and billiard techniques. Their communication skills speed the learning process and maximize each student's understanding of the pool training material that is presented.

The Certificate of Completion that each student receives from the Cue U pool school is universally recognized as a premier accomplishment for any pool player. It is an elegant acknowledgment of your determination to play pool with assurance and consistency at any level of competition.

Major Credit Cards Accepted

*Most Major Credit Cards Accepted